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Award-winning Ddrops® products were created as a great way to give simply vitamin D – in just one drop! All Ddrops® products are tasteless, odorless and contain no preservatives no artificial flavors and no added colors. Ddrops® are wheat-free, gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free, sugar-free, milk-free and peanut-free so everyone in the entire family can enjoy them.

This product was specifically designed for infants and children to provide the recommended daily amount of vitamin D in one single, purified drop. Baby Ddrops® is very easy to use and convenient. Simply put one drop of Baby Ddrops® onto any clean surface (mom’s nipple, fingertip or food) and the child ingests the drop from the surface.

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Ddrops® Booster 600 IU liquid vitamin D provides the Institute of Medicine’s Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for vitamin D intake for people from 1 year to 70 years of age. Ddrops® Booster is sometimes taken in addition to a multi-vitamin that contains a small amount of vitamin D, and can provide an added boost of vitamin D.

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Adults who have been advised to take a higher dose of vitamin D should consider Ddrops® 1000 IU. Providing an easy way to get a higher daily dose of vitamin D in just one drop without the need to swallow pills or capsules. Food supplements like Ddrops® are not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle and varied diet.

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Just Pure Vitamin D

Ddrops® products contain only vitamin D and fractionated coconut oil. Developed for individuals who wish to take just vitamin D without any other vitamins, chemicals, fillers or flavors. If you or your children are already taking a multivitamin or other supplement containing vitamin D, talk to your healthcare practitioner before using Ddrops®.

Just One Drop

Ddrops® products contain only vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) and fractionated coconut oil. Vegan Ddrops® contain vitamin D2 (as Ergocalciferol), made from yeast and fractionated coconut oil. In each and every version of our Ddrops® products (Baby Ddrops® 400 IU, Ddrops® Booster 600 IU, Ddrops® 1000 IU, Ddrops® 2000 IU and Vegan Ddrops® 1000 IU), the exact dose of vitamin D is contained in each and every single drop. Just one drop and that’s it!

No More Mess and No More Fuss

Ddrops® products feature a EuroDdropper based dispensing technology that allows one single drop of Ddrops® to be accurately dispensed which can then be licked from a clean surface. Simply drop one drop onto any clean surface. Ddrops® can also be added to food or drink. There is no syringe or bulb-style dropper required to dispense Ddrops® and no measurement needed since the exact amount is designed to come out in each and every single drop. Ddrops® products can be easily taken with you wherever you go because they do not require refrigeration.

Ddrops® are food supplements

Ddrops® products are dietary supplements. A prescription is not required, but do not be surprised if your healthcare practitioner recommends a version of Ddrops® for you or your children. Experts agree that a healthy, balanced diet should provide all the nutrients we require. Vitamin D is sometimes the exception to this rule. Ddrops® were designed to provide a simple option to provide vitamin D that is sometimes lacking for North Americans. Only the highest of standards are set for Ddrops® products, and all Ddrops® products are produced under strict good manufacturing practice guidelines.

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