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Adults who have decided to take a higher dose of
vitamin D should consider Ddrops® 1000 IU. This
provides a higher daily dose of vitamin D in just
one drop without the need to swallow tablets
or capsules. Food supplements like Ddrops®
are not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle
and varied diet.
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Special considerations for Adults:

  • We may not do it by diet alone! Canada’s Food Guide has recognized that vitamin D is the only nutrient which adults over 50 cannot rely on diet alone to receive their recommended daily dose
  • Research is proving that vitamin D has many benefits on multiple organs within the body as it helps the body use calcium and phosphorus for building and maintaining healthy bones and teeth
  • Ddrops® are the sunshine vitamin in just one drop offering people an alternative to taking conventional pills or capsules
  • Adult Ddrops® is a liquid vitamin D supplement containing 1000 IU of vitamin D3 in just one drop
  • All Ddrops® products do not contain preservatives, artificial flavors and no added colors making them wheat-free, gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free, sugar-free, milk-free and peanut-free

No Mess and No Fuss Just Simple and Safe Administration

  • Simply turn the bottle completely upside down. There is no need to shake the bottle, as the drop will fall out by itself thanks to gravity
    • To slow the speed of the drop, the bottle can be tilted slightly from vertical
  • Once you see the drop forming, you know that the drop will fall shortly
  • To prevent a second drop from coming out, start tilting the bottle at 45 degrees
  • Ddrops® products, including Ddrops® 1000 IU are designed to be dropped onto a clean surface first, then enjoyed rather than dropped directly into the person’s mouth
    • This safe method prevents the EuroDdropper® from coming in direct contact and in turn keeping it free from contamination
    • This method also allows easy monitoring for the number of drops being dispensed from the dropper and avoiding ingestion of more than one drop
  • Ddrops® may be dropped onto food without concern that it will affect the taste of the food
  • Once the drop is dispensed, return the bottle to upright position and put on the cap
  • Store bottle upright, between 5°C and 30°C

When your Ddrops® bottle is running low...

  • In order for the Ddrops® EuroDdropper® to work effectively, the bottle has been filled slightly beyond the number of drops on the package
  • As you get to the end of the bottle of Ddrops® it will take a longer time for drops to come out of the EuroDdropper, yet some residual liquid will still appear in the bottle
  • The slower drops signal that the bottle is essentially empty and it is time for the next bottle of Ddrops®
  • There will always be some residual liquid left in the bottle after the 90 doses have been dispensed