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Adults who have decided to take a higher dose of
vitamin D should consider Ddrops® 1000 IU. This
provides a higher daily dose of vitamin D in just
one drop without the need to swallow tablets
or capsules. Food supplements like Ddrops®
are not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle
and varied diet.

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Special considerations for Adults:

  • We may not do it by diet alone! Canada’s Food Guide has recognized that vitamin D is the only nutrient which adults over 50 cannot rely on diet alone to receive their recommended daily dose
  • Research is proving that vitamin D has many benefits on multiple organs within the body as it helps the body use calcium and phosphorus for building and maintaining healthy bones and teeth
  • Ddrops® are the sunshine vitamin in just one drop offering people an alternative to taking conventional pills or capsules
  • Adult Ddrops® is a liquid vitamin D supplement containing 1000 IU of vitamin D3 in just one drop
  • All Ddrops® products do not contain preservatives, artificial flavors and no added colors making them wheat-free, gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free, sugar-free, milk-free and peanut-free

No Mess and No Fuss Just Simple and Safe Administration

  • Simply turn the bottle completely upside down. There is no need to shake the bottle, as the drop will fall out by itself thanks to gravity
    • To slow the speed of the drop, the bottle can be tilted slightly from vertical
  • Once you see the drop forming, you know that the drop will fall shortly
  • To prevent a second drop from coming out, start tilting the bottle at 45 degrees
  • Ddrops® products, including Ddrops® 1000 IU are designed to be dropped onto a clean surface first, then enjoyed rather than dropped directly into the person’s mouth
    • This safe method prevents the EuroDdropper® from coming in direct contact and in turn keeping it free from contamination
    • This method also allows easy monitoring for the number of drops being dispensed from the dropper and avoiding ingestion of more than one drop
  • Ddrops® may be dropped onto food without concern that it will affect the taste of the food
  • Once the drop is dispensed, return the bottle to upright position and put on the cap
  • Store bottle upright, between 5°C and 30°C

When your Ddrops® bottle is running low...

  • In order for the Ddrops® EuroDdropper® to work effectively, the bottle has been filled slightly beyond the number of drops on the package
  • As you get to the end of the bottle of Ddrops® it will take a longer time for drops to come out of the EuroDdropper, yet some residual liquid will still appear in the bottle
  • The slower drops signal that the bottle is essentially empty and it is time for the next bottle of Ddrops®
  • There will always be some residual liquid left in the bottle after the 90 doses have been dispensed



What if there has been a reaction to the product?

Ddrops® does not contain any of the most common allergens (nuts, wheat, gluten, soy, eggs and dairy). You must treat any reaction seriously and always seek medical advice.

Where can I learn about the current recommended vitamin D guidelines?

Please visit our website www.ddropscompany.com, there you will find links and references for country specific recommendations

Can I give Ddrops® together with other multivitamins?

It is always good to consider what other supplements you are already taking before adding additional supplements. Ddrops® products are uniquely suited to support daily vitamin D requirements ONLY! Many multivitamins already contain vitamin D, but the dosages vary and should be looked at carefully. Always read labels and since we are not familiar with your specific health needs it’s always recommended to visit your healthcare practitioner.

What about Vegan Ddrops®?

Vegan Ddrops® contain vitamin D2 and a thin fractionated coconut oil. The vitamin D2 is sourced from a variety of select yeast.

My EuroDdropper™ is not dispensing properly

If air becomes trapped in the EuroDdropper™ mechanism, it can sometimes help to hold the bottle on a slight angle or put the cap on and gently turn it upside down and right again a few times before use. As your Ddrops® is used, the drops may begin to come out more slowly as your bottle becomes empty. This likely means that it is time for a new bottle.

How come my bottle is not filled to the top and looks partially empty?

All Ddrops® products are filled to a specific number of dosages listed on each and every bottle. Our bottles are not filled to the top so they will appear to be partially full for ease of use, safety and label readability. We use standard 10 and 15mL bottles, which we fill with the exact dosages listed. Always check that the safety seal neckband is intact when you first open the box.

Should I keep my Ddrops® in the fridge once opened?

Ddrops® do not require refrigeration but please keep Ddrops® out of reach from children.

Can I place the Ddrops® directly in the mouth?

We do not recommend placing Ddrops® directly into the mouth for a few reasons. It can be difficult to control whether or not the drop has been consumed and the Ddrops® bottle may become contaminated. We always recommend administering Ddrops® onto a clean surface first to make sure the tiny drop is easily ingested and that the bottle remains contamination free.

How long is the bottle good for after being opened?

The expiry date is printed on both the bottle and the box.

Any medical advice that you can provide?

We get asked this question a lot! Your healthcare practitioner would be the best person to speak with regarding your specific needs around vitamin D supplementation.

What happens if too many drops were taken?

We always recommend administering the drops onto a clean surface first to avoid any over consumption. Vitamin D has an accepted safety range and our Ddrops® products contain only pure vitamin D and fractionated coconut oil. If you are concerned we recommend you contact your healthcare practitioner.

How can I be sure that the tiny drop actually gets ingested?

How this little drop has the entire day’s dosage is truly amazing! We always recommend administering Ddrops® onto a clean surface first to make sure the tiny drop is actually ingested. Ddrops® is a patented product and the built-in EuroDdropper™ allows just one drop to be dispensed at a time. The drop size is very consistent making the dosage accurate

What is the source of the vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3 starts as lanolin (the oil obtained from sheep and lamb wool). The lanolin is exposed to ultraviolet light to activate the fat that then turns into vitamin D3. This gets purified and used for vitamin supplements. Although Ddrops® brand vitamin D3 is an animal sourced product, the animal is not harmed during this process.

What are the Ddrops® ingredients?

Parents are pleased to learn that in addition to high-grade vitamin D, Ddrops® contains only fractionated coconut oil with no chemicals, additives or preservatives. All Ddrops® products are free of peanuts, wheat, gluten, soy, eggs and dairy. Ddrops® are free from most common allergens and can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Should I shake the bottle to get the drop out?

There is no need to shake the bottle to get the drop out. Simply hold the bottle upside down and let the drop come out by itself due to gravity. Allow it some time, as it usually takes a few seconds.

How should Ddrops® be stored?

Ddrops® products do not require refrigeration but keep Ddrops® stored in a cool, dry place. The cap should be tightly sealed when not in use and always keep out of reach from children.

My bottle was left outside and froze, is it still alright?

Your product is fine because Ddrops® are tested across a wide range of temperatures including those below freezing. Like most liquids, it may thicken, solidify or become cloudy once frozen. Allow the bottle to return to room temperature before using.

I tried to contact my pharmacy but they are unable to order your product?

All of our Ddrops® products are available at www.ddropscompany.com. Be sure to also check your local health food store as they may be able to order Ddrops® for you and your family.